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Polyplast PTFE cloth spray shields are manufactured from single and multi layered clear cloth for ease of visibility, or from a colored cloth with a leak indicating patch. Weep holes located behind the senstitive pH indicating patch allow the indicator to immediately signal a leak and will change color to red in the presence of an acid, or green if an alkali, The pH patch is also replaceable which allows reuse of the shield.Poly Plast Spray shields are UV stabilized and resistant to sun, rain and fumes and may be used indoors or outdoors. Our shields are quickly and reasily installed by one person without any tools by means of hook and loop fastener and drawstrings.

Spray Shields help meet regulator standards set by agencies such as OSHA, EPA, MSHA, SOLAS, ARS & DNV, and are also required by some insurance companies.

Details of PTFE spray shields

� PTFE coated glass cloth
� PTFE thread and drawstring
� Maximum operating temperature 200 Deg. C
� Fire and tear resistant
� Available in : premium, standard, single-ply, clear PTFE and PTFE white
� Standard color is brown
� Broad spectrum of chemical resistance
� Available as per ANSI, DIN, BS


1) Spray shields help in preventing damages or injuries caused from leakage of Flanges in pipes containing hazardous chemicals.
2) Spray Shield help in reaching zero accidents & improves safety.
3) Spray Shields are required for site cleanliness, pollution prevention & protection of equipment & people nearby.


1) Pipelines containing acid/alkali close to human contact or under severe temperature & pressure conditions.
2) Leakage of fuel & oil which have fire and explosion hazard.

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