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HCL Tank

150KL Duallaminate tank for HCL application
150KL Dual laminate tank for HCL application made in PVC + FRP has completed 12 years of operation and going strong. BS4994 used for designing the tanks.

Site fabricated, Greatdesign, Workmanship GRP / FRP or Dual laminates like PP + FRP or PVC + FRP are the best for HCl tanks. Dual laminates are preferred when there is a possibility of dissolved solvents in HCl.

GRP / FRP using vinylester resin is the best suitable for HCl storage tanks.

Brink mist eliminator or Chlorine mist eliminator

It is used for removing NaCl vapours from chlorine to avoid further carry over to chlorine drying tower.
polyplast fightingcorrosionsince1967

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100 KL tank for HCL application in FRP using vinylester resin in a cold rolling mill

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Emergency chlorine scrubbing system made in PVCFRP for a client in Kenya.

It becomes impossible for a human to go near a leaking chlorine tonner, specially deigned FRP hood with a flexible hose is kept on the tonner using a crane/hydra, leaking chlorine is neutralized using NaOH. Commissioned in 2006.

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Bromine filling,exhaust & scrubbing system. Bromine from ISO container is filled in 1 liter glass bottles.

The complete piping for bromine to the PVDF bottle filling chambers, exhaust ducting & scrubber is supplied by us. Successfully commissioned 2 systems, one in 2007 & second in 2015.

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Supply and installation of pipe and fittings made in FRP/GRP using normal vinylester resin and dual laminate plastic PPR/FRP for a Chloralkali plant.

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PVC Tunnel Trays for Chlorine Drying tower used in #Chloralkali industry. Chlorine comes in contact with Sulphuric acid, hygroscopic nature of sulphuric acid absorbs the moisture and converts the wet chlorine to dry chlorine.

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