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Certificates issued by our customer regarding performance of equipments, timely delivery and after sales service is a testimony to our commitment to product quality. Furnishing below few certificates issued by our clients.

• CCE'S ( Chief Controller of Explosives - Govt.Of India ) approval for Design , Fabrication and Supply Underground Petroleum Storage Tank up 50 KL capacity in FRP Construction.
• 200 KL capacity FRP tank for storing 33% conc HCL,supplied to one of the leading Fertilizer company in service since 1991.
• No of 100 KL capacity FRP tanks supplied to paper company ClO2 plant for storage of HCL and ClO2 in Service since 1994.
• 3 nos 50 M3 capacity PP/FRP Hanging Reaction Vessel with stirring Assembly working at 90� to 95� C giving satisfactory performance since 2000
• PVC / FRP 80 M3 4 Nos. Storage tank for storing of Na Hypo Chloride in Service since 1995.
• 50 M3 Horizontal tank for HCL working at 1 Kg / Cm2 pressurein Service since 1996.
• 150 KL HCL storage tank for Caustic Chloro Plant.
• Design and supply of Ovoid Shape Sandcored Pipes of varying in sizes form 900 mm diameter to 1800 mm diameter in round shapes and 1800 / 2700 mm size in ovoid shapes of 8500 meter.
• Design, fabrication and supply of Acid recirculation tanks, piping & complete fume Exhaust system supplied to not less then 25 CRM Pickling Plants with guaranteed performance giving less than 5 PPM HCL in Exhaust Air.



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